Fountain Pens


These are luxurious writing instruments . With the custom casted three dimensional accent rings, bands and caps. They also have a Swarovski® clear crystal in the clip. They are very high end pens that are cast, polished and plated with 2 microns 22k. gold or black titanium plating.
The remarkable features of the Majestic Pens speak for themselves.These pens are crafted using Amboyna Burl.

FOUNTAIN =$250.00 + shipping.

This pen has the same features as the larger Majestic pens. It is designed for those who prefer a slimmer writing instrument. The 3 D. design on the center ring and the emblem design on the cap are unique, in my opinion. It has the option of posting the cap on the body.
Very popular,Hand cast inserts on the cap and post give it a look of distinction
The Rollerball comes with a steel refill and iridium nib Schmidt ™cartridge
The Fountain Pen uses a two tone German Iridium Nib for smooth writing and dependable ink flow.
Available with 22k. gold or black Titanium hand -cast engraved inset on the cap and center band surrounded by brilliant Rhodium. Comes in both plain or threaded cap. please specify.
Price: $ 175.000+shipping


More and more people are re-discovering the joy of writing with a fountain pen. these writing instruments bring out the poet in all of us, as the ink flows , filling the lines of our text. To receive a hand written letter or card is something special. These American Classics are everything you are looking for as a functional everyday writing instrument. Try one and you will be convinced. The pen accept either cartridges of ink pump, sold separately. The cap can be posted on both ends of the pens.
Price: $65.00 + shipping.

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